A Common Repair Problem

I’m often asked, “what is the easiest repair when your called out to service a central vacuum system?” This is really simple, and something a home owner should check for themselves before they set a service appointment. Its an open inlet cover. This occurs when a valve door breaks and sticks open, or when something gets caught in the opening, like a curtain or bed sheet.

The symptoms are low suction at all the other valve openings. Suction does not build. You may feel little to no air-flow. Typically it’s a valve that is used infrequently and may be out of the way. If you inspect all of your valves and you still have the same symptoms, you may have a broken pipe in the attic. I’ll cover this at a later date.

Before you call for service, visually inspect all of your outlets to make sure they are all securely closed. You may just avoid the cost of a service call.

Bernie Holmstock - Your Central Vacuum Guy